About MADN

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network UK was founded in 1993 by a group of dancers who wished to raise the profile of Arabic Dance. From its humble beginnings it has grown to become the largest Arabic Dance association in the UK. It has been successful in bringing together both amateur and professional followers of Oriental Dance from all over the United Kingdom and abroad. Mosaic provides learning opportunities with inspirational teachers from the very top of our art form and is committed to providing our members with rewarding learning and performing experiences suitable for all levels of dancer.

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who give their time and services for free. We do however, endeavour run the organisation to the best of our abilities that time, work and family commitments allow and because of our love of Arabic dance in all its diversity.

Please note that after much debate it is now MADN’s policy NOT to carry advertisements for events that feature burlesque, as it is ‘incompatible with MADN’s stated aims and objectives of promoting Arabic and Arabic-derived dance to continue to publish material in the magazine or on the website that actively promotes burlesque, burlesque bellydance-fusion or events featuring burlesque as well as bellydance.’ Please note that this is not intended as a criticism of burlesque or of those who perform or teach burlesque. It is a belief that the two types of performance should be kept separate in order to maintain the integrity of bellydance.

Mosaic Promotes

Amateur and Professional Arabic Dance in its many forms, plus dances from elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East including: